Just when I think that age 5 has taken a turn for the serious....

I came downstairs ready for church. Really just showered and dressed for apparently the first time in a while...
"Mama, you look so beautiful!"
"Thank you, Loulie"
"I've never seen you look like this before. Really! You look like the girl from Annie."
"Ms. Hannigan?!"
"No, Daddy Warbuck's girlfriend. You look as pretty as Daddy Warbuck's girlfriend."

Friday night I walked into the den..
"Whatcha doing Loulie?"
"Drinking kombucha and reading non-fiction."

Loulie asked to please watch our wedding video. While we were waiting for it to load...
"Is this movie going to be in color or black and white?"

After watching the wedding video and asking if she can have my wedding dress...
"I'd like a cape too. Can I get a cape like yours to wear over my bun?
(she meant a veil)

Reading Loulie a book that quoted MLK...
Jumps up "I know that human.I know that human. He was a peaceful human and he had a dream. Martin Luffer King Junior!"

She also knows most of the words to "Uptown Funk." Let's hope she doesn't share at school beyond "uptown funk, i'm gonna give it to ya"