Easing Back In

The irony of this whole blogging hobby is the more you have to write about, the less time you have to write it. Life has been so, so full of blessings lately but I have also been tired trying to keep up. Bert stays on me for taking on too much and saying YES to everyone. (I'll go ahead and put on record that I said no to two people at the beginning of September.) I get wrapped up in wanting to live in the moment, enjoying these lightning speed years of Loulie being little and discovering so much all at once with, but also wanting to document it all; record each funny saying, photograph all the funny fashion statements, as well as remember the thoughts going on in my own mind. It's a ying and yang this new era of technology and the opportunity to create in so many ways. 
So I'm easing back in--giving myself grace in not writing every day or every week (obviously) but trying to record the stuff that inspires me hopefully before it escapes my mind and we're moving on to the next memory. So for the next couple of weeks, I'll be all out of chronological order. (Yes, I can do this. Oldest, Type A children can be spontaneous and out of order. Right?!) Catching up or reminiscing, I'll call it both. 
In the meantime....


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