Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Toler

My little sister got hitched!!! A week ago, we were celebrating the union of Meredith and Bruce. I couldn't be happier for the two of them. Marriage is one of God's greatest blessings and waking up to your best friend each day makes life just a little easier. I must admit that after a fabulous weekend filled with family, friends and constant entertainment; I have been a little melancholy. It all went by so fast and I wish everyone did not have to leave town so soon. But for now, we have pictures and I'm looking forward to the bride returning from her honeymoon so we can go over the details of each night. :)
I'll probably have several more posts on this but for now, here are a few pictures...

Right Before the Kick Off Party Thursday Night at Beth & Mile's House
(You can't tell from the picture, but their house is AMAZING!!!)

Loulie ready for the Bellini & Bikini Bridesmaid Luncheon

Meredith & the Hostesses
(My Aunts & Mother's Best Friends from College--really special to have them all there)
Not only was the view incredible but the food was delicious and as always the flowers were amazing! All these women have known Mere her entire life.

The Happy Couple Rehearsing
(seriously, this was not staged. Is he not the tallest person you have ever seen?)

There are far too m any photos to include them all. It was an incredible evening that I hope Meredith and Bruce will always looks back on. Now, I have to start planning the next event--always need something to look forward to.


Another good reason to stay married...

There's cute...and then there's Loulie Dasher.
These are the kind of thoughts that run through my completely biased mind at least three times a day. I know everyone feels this way about their child and that motherhood takes you to a level of insanity where everything that little person does is absolutely wonderful and perfect and genius.
I know all this and yet 10 times a day I act like she is the first person to ever learn how to hold a cup or laugh at Bridget or throw a tantrum in Target. But if I voiced all these things everywhere I went, I would become that nightmare mother that I promised myself I would never be. You know the one--the mother that goes on and on with ridiculously long, detailed stories about her child that only she finds amusing. Which brings me to my point...thank goodness for Bert!
He finds all my stupid, ridiculous, detailed tangents about Loulie as hilarious, entertaining and endearing as I do. Of course our relationship goes much deeper than parenting together but it is such an awesome gift to get to share Loulie together. And for that matter Bridget. It's nice to have someone that thinks the ordinary is a extrodinary as I do. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Bert to share these things with--guess I'd be staining the check out boy at Publix and having people run when they saw me coming. :)


To Live By...

I heard a quote today that I liked....

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the ground in the morning, Satan shudders and says, "Oh shit, she's awake."

Lord, please grant me the energy, the knowledge and a listening/discerning ear to live out these somewhat silly words.



So it is Tuesday night and the week is already flying by. We are just settling back in after a fun and relaxing family trip to Pawley's. It was four years ago this weekend when after six months of dating Bert popped the question and I said yes. Since then it has been a whirlwind of home repairs, job changes, pregnancy and ice machines---leaving us with very little time for vacation. Which would explain why in four years, this was my first official weeklong Dasher family vacation at Pawley's. Not only was it my first vacay, it was Loulie's and her first beach trip!!!

What can I say?--we had a ball! Weesie and Papa so graciously surrendered the "master" bedroom to Loulie which allowed us every morning to open the blinds to sunshine and the ocean. Ahhh Heaven! Loulie quickly took note of her place in the scenario and like a true drama queen, she learned to work the crowd. I'm not sure she had a moment where at least three people were not entertaining her. Between bike rides and walks and playing on the beach, she had a ball. The fun was not all left to the youth either. With helping hands, Bert and I were able to relax, go on a date and spend some much needed time with Bridget Bojangles. All four of us were spoiled and Weesie is to blame. I'm so thankful for time with family, a chance for Bert to relax during his busiest time of year and the greatest blessing of my sweet girls. Watching the pure joy of Bridget swimming in the waves and of Loulie figuring out the sand and the sea for the first time are priceless images that could only be enjoyed in the slow pace that coastal life forces upon you. It was a great week of rest that will help get us through the rest of a busy summer.
I close with some images from the week....