We went to a trial gymnastics class yesterday for Loulie. She was in the middle of doing a handstand on the balance beam when she looked over and saw her dad with the video camera. (Loulie was the only one with paparazzi there--imagine that.) Never one to pass up a chance to love on her fans, Loulie decided to go one-handed and waved at the adoring crowd!!!

She loves gymnastics and much to Bert's dismay, she loved two of the boys in her class--both older. She followed handsome, blue eyed Grant around the balance bars and offered up lots of hugs.

I won't be contacting Bela Karoyli just yet but her teacher did say she was pretty good!


Poor Bridget Bojangles

The heat has really put a damper on our fun this week as well as Bridget's work schedule. With the heat index above 100 everyday, she has stayed home with me rather than heading off to work with Bert. She has been a sport about it too. Considering....

Monday night took one look at Bridget and thought "If I am hot, then I know she is burning up." Pulled out the electric razor (with no attachments) and went to town. Here is the result...

Bless her...she was so well behaved and took it like a champ. Another one of my talents revealled. I'll probably go apply at Petco tomorrow. Bert took one look at her, said she looked like she had been mauled by a wild squirrel and immediately did some touch ups. Another proud moment in parenting--While this was all going on, Loulie managed to eat an entire patch of grass along with a couple leaves...

That's right--she's naked, in a baby pool, foraging for her dinner. maybe I should change the name of this blog to "Musing of an Undomestic Housewife and what I'm Learning Along the Way"?!
Lesson Learned this week: Use attachments


Test, Test, Test

It has been two full months since I pulled out of the Trident Medical Center parking lot, looked in the rear view, sighed and then slammed my foot onto the gas. Every fear and hesitation I had about staying home with Loulie has been a myth. I don't know where I got the idea that being a stay at home mother would be boring or unfulfilling or something I might regret. I joke with friends that my new employer doesn't allow for lunch or coffee breaks. Needless to say, I am never bored!

My bug turned nine months today. Nine is her lucky number so I am expecting great things from the month ahead. I have to brag--she handled her shots like a champ, it was Daddy that got a little choked up. :) She is waving, saying hello, pulling up and walking if you hold her hand. She is obsessed with Bridget Bojangles and if Bridget would just get over her fear, they would be best friends.
(Okay, so this was a very elementary post, but I wanted to see if it would work. I am attaching one photo as a trial.)