February 2013

So far, the overarching theme of 2013 seems to be illness and not much sleep. Another round of colds at the beginning of the month has left little Bug with a cough that just WON"T GO AWAY. Combine the days home from normal activity, cold weather and Bert  going out of town for a week; Loulie and I got lots of quality time together. At the time, I felt like the days were going by slow but now that the month is over, I really don't know what happened to February. 
- The month began with fires and crafts and dress-up, lots of time making Valentine's for family and friends at school.
- Bert went out of town for a week so Loulie and I had a few girls' nights with homemade popcorn and movies, a lunch date with Aunt Meme at Butcher & Bee, and a new addiction to FNL on Netflix.
- Valentine's came and went, beginning the day with a special family breakfast and ending it with a feverish 3 year old. A new princess dress from Lovey made up for the blah weather and feeling bad though. 
- In between sick days, we were able to attend the SEWE festival, a few play dates, a birthday party and catch up with friends on the other side of the world in Mt Pleasant. Bert and I actually went on two dates this month--I think that might be a record for us. 
- And Loulie learned how to spell and write her name!


Now that it's March, I am itching for spring. The appreciation for cold days and long nights with a fire has been replaced with an impatience for daylight savings and sundresses. I am ready for the cold season to be over, both literally and figuratively. And since we're still holding on to this cough, I'd appreciate any prayers you might throw up for my girl--we are going to make one more polite trek back to the doctor if she isn't better by the weekend.