A couple of things

We just got back in town last night after 6 days away in Disney. What an experience--I say that tongue in cheek because even though there were definitely magical moments, I think my child might be the first in history to ask to leave Disney World because she "just wants to be at home." But the trip and her birthday celebration were so sweet and I can't wait to upload all my pictures and relive all that was memorable.
Which brings me to this morning. Since we missed Loulie's actual birthday at school, they celebrated today. Montessori schools actually do a "Life Celebration" where the child walks around the sun the number of years they have been alive. Loulie and I were to make a timeline with pictures and milestones. Since we arrived home so late last night, I did a big no-no and just made the poster by myself this morning. And as I was piecing together the pictures and years and milestone bullet points, I realized there is so much I don't remember about Loulie's second year of life. What were we doing?! She started  walking and talking before turning one and started preschool and ballet right before her second birthday. But I cannot remember a thing about that year in between!
So that motivated me to get on the ole blog again. I have soooo many unfinished posts from this summer, well really the last 6 months. Bert actually makes fun of me. He'll walk by my office, see me slumped over the computer and ask "How many times have you read and edited that post?" He's right though--the type A, oldest child, perfectionist does not always serve me well. I have a ton of posts basically finished by any other standards, except that I think it just sounds a little off. Who really cares though?--I keep this blog for my own memory and outlet, occasionally posting something for the masses that I might share. All of probably ten people visit this thing.
Long story longer, I am going to go back and hopefully update posts as well as keep up better. I hated that feeling of not remembering a whole year this morning and this blog is a great way to relive.
Also, it has been a whirlwind of two weeks--school starting, Labor Day, get ready for vacation, 4 hectic days of vacation. Driving home yesterday, I realized the summer is over. I haven't even had time to think about it. Hopefully, a regular schedule will commence although I've found myself wandering the house this morning not knowing where to begin on my "Once Loulie Starts School" to do list.
Anyhow, I hope everyone has a eventless Friday the 13th. Ours started out with a bang when I unbuckled Loulie for drop off and she leapt over the seat and clung to my neck not wanting to go into school causing me to jump my car over the curb. You should have seen the look on her assistant teacher's face. Geez! Moment to remember. Thankfully, she was fine by the time I showed up for her celebration and she was nothing but proud that her mama was there and her friends were singing to her. So the unlucky morning has already taken a turn for the better!

Happy Rest-filled Weekend!