All good things..(a list)

1. The election is over. I am moving on. If I see one more post on politics, I think my brain will implode. You do not normally find me saying things like this, but I think it is time for some surface conversation and some good wine. Kind of thankful that some good, thoughtless movies are coming out next week. Thank you Judd Apatow and the overrated cast from Twilight.

2. So I have been sporting a barking cough for a month now. The upside is that my abs feel tight (read feel not are). The downside is that it has taken three rounds of antibiotics and two doctor visits to figure out that I have pneumonia.  My window sill looks like that of an 88 year old woman with the amount of meds I am on. Praying for a speedy recovery and that this last antibiotic kills it all off cause we all know mama can't be sick.

3. I have given up soft drinks!!! This is a major accomplishment here people. When you leave your house, child in tow, just to get a Coke Zero; there is a problem. I got kind of convicted about this addiction when Loulie kept asking for sips of my grown up drink. I would tell her it was so bad for her to which she one day responded "Why you drinking it?" Hmm--exactly! So I gave up all the chemical ridden, splenda infused, carbonated crack beverages and am now chemical free in the beverage department. Coffee you ask?--I will NEVER give up coffee! Loulie Bug--I did this for you and yet it is me benefitting in the long run too.
*Side note--I still majorly jones for just a hit the same time everyday.

4. After debating for five years, we have finally installed windows in our 60 year old house. I say we loosely; meaning Bert has installed them and I have patiently put up with all the tools, dust, and mess that comes with a home improvement project. I'm pretty impressed with his skills. Lowe's quoted us $15,000 to install the windows so Bert watched some online videos, read a few directions and did it himself. I had no idea windows could change my life so much! I can actually open them on a beautiful day, for now there is not a water stain or mark of dust on them and our power bill has already gone down 150%. Not to mention the look of our house has improved immensely!

5. I have about 1,000,000 books I want to share. I haven't even posted on my summer reads yet but I have finished some MUST READS lately that I am dying to have someone to discuss them with. I kept up with my NY resolution to read three books a month through August and now I'm lagging a bit. I did get in the mail the most beautiful coffee table book the other day. I found it in a store in Mt Pleasant for $60, went home and found it on Amazon for $2.75!!! I love it and look through it at night during commercials. 

6. While I have been writing this, Loulie has put her baby to bed and is now saying prayers with her. Melt my heart! Crazy how they can make you want to pull your hair out one minute and then make you want to have 10 the next. Since right before this, she was meowing at me from the time out chair after throwing her breakfast at the dog. Like I said, it all spins on a dime.

That's all for now--back with Halloween, mountain, and festival pictures. Writing all this down somehow aligns me--I need this outlet.

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