Why Cleanse? (Part One)

I casually posted the result of my 9 day deep cleanse never guessing how many people would be curious about it. I have since tried to get back to people individually through email, ramp up my IsaGenix website and send out a few links but I decided this was the best way to include all the information, answer frequent questions, give my first hand experience, and include outside research as well as IsaGenix information. If the thought of a cleanse piqued your interest at all, then I would LOVE to talk to you one on one. I was skeptical at first too but have truly been amazed at the results. After all, this is the type of nutrition our body is supposed to experience--not caffeine, artificial sugars, processed meals and fast food.

1. Why Cleanse?
In laymen's terms, our body is exposed to toxins everyday--our shampoo, our cleaning supplies, our food, our furniture, even things we think are good for us like anti-aging face lotion. All of them have chemicals that our body is not meant to process. Because of this constant and overwhelming exposure to toxins, our liver is in overdrive and working around the clock. This can lead to weight gain, exhaustion, illness, etc. I watched Forks Over Knives earlier this year in which a physician explained that our liver holds on to toxins because it never has a chance to catch up. These toxins hold onto fat, especially around our organs and midsection. No matter how much we work out, we will never release this fat as long as the toxins are there. (This kind of flipped me out.)
If you want more information, then rent Forks Over Knives or watch this short clip (a little cheesy but full of good info).
Typically when you think of cleansing, people immediately think of colon cleanses, diuretics, and juicing. The problem with these is that you are not getting all the nutrients your body needs to function properly. Yes, you are ridding yourself of the bad without necessarily filling it back up with good. Certain cleanses can also lead to stomach problems, hypoglycemia, and dehydration. While juicing can be a healthy way to replace a meal, you still have the concern of pesticides on the fruits and vegetables if you do not have access to all organic. This is an excellent article on how our food absorbs these poisons and how it affects our bodies. (More on this later.)

2. Why did I seek out cleansing?
For a lot of reasons I talk about above. I've always loved studying nutrition. With this knowledge can come an almost paralysis though. I found myself often asking "What CAN I eat?" and trying to choose the lesser of the evils or just flat giving up and reaching for my child's goldfish. Having a child though I think gives you extra drive to really seek out what is best for them. That coupled with just always feeling tired, I knew I really wanted to reboot my diet. Being tired can send you grabbing for caffeine and sugar and I crave sugar! So really I did this cleanse with three goals in mind--more energy, reboot my eating habits, and break the cycle of sugar addiction.

3. What was my experience?
I ordered the 30 day system but completed the 9 day deep cleanse to get started. The first day I had a slight headache but nothing major. Almost immediately, I experienced an increase in energy. Here is what I noticed:
- Increase in energy as well as an easier time getting up in the morning. (I am notorious for hitting snooze and I found myself waking up before my alarm!)
- Clearer skin by day 4. My sister was actually the one to point this out.
- Faster recovery from workouts. I take two pretty intense back to back classes on Mondays and always wake up Tuesdays barely able to walk. Since using these products, I wake up much more hydrated, still sore but with the strength to move easily--not a creaky, old lady feel.
- Lost 5 lbs and 6 in. This was a bonus I did not expect. What was different from other times I've lost weight was that I didn't look frail but more lean. And I actually had visible stomach muscles for the first time in 4 years. No more "mummy tummy"--that lovely pooch that hangs out after having a baby.
- I really never felt shaky, hungry or craved sugar. Sure I was ready to eat by the time meals rolled around but I did not have a growling stomach. 
- Did I mention I didn't crave sugar? I have never done a cleanse or fasted or changed my diet where I didn't feel like downing a box of Mike and Ikes at any point in the day. I found the shakes to be satisfying and the protein/carb/fat ratio left me full and satisfied.
I am sure there are other benefits that I am not thinking of but these were the main noticeable differences I personally experienced.

4. Why did I chose this over other options?
- I've tried juicing before. Don't get me wrong--drinking straight fruits and vegetables is excellent for you but unless you can buy all organic and have the time to juice every meal and clean up and drink it all before going bad--I don't have time to do that consistently. That is just me-- a lot of people love doing this and I applaud them for it!
- Some friends have asked about doing Atkins or low carb to loose weight. These diets consist of a lot of meat eating which can lead to higher cholesterol. You still have the concern of buying organic and worrying about the growth hormones and antibiotics in your meat and cheese. And I really do not like meat enough. 
- What about other protein shakes and meal bars? I looked and looked at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Fresh Market trying to find a way to recreate the IsaGenix plan at home. After comparing what I had just finished, I could not find an equal product that had low fat, high protein, low glycemic index, all natural, plus no GMOs at a store. You can see comparison between the shakes and meal bars here and here.

5. Look at the products.
The shakes are gluten free, no GMO, organic whey protein from New Zealand (their standards are higher than our USDA), all natural, no artificial stimulants. Once you email me, I can send you specific attachments on products. 

Really there is something for everyone! It has nothing to do with weight or athleticism. We can all benefit from higher standards of nutrition (especially in our country). So whether you are an athlete, trying to fit into a wedding dress, hoping for more energy, wanting to assess your current eating habits; if any of this has interested you, please give me a call at 843-566-4391 or shoot an email to laurendasher(at)hotmail(dot)com. If you are local, let me know if you would like to come by for a taste test and further discussion. It can take as long or as short as you like. I would love to talk to you more specifically about what you are hoping to gain or loose by doing a cleanse. If you have already researched this, I can also get you signed up right away. No pressure though--after spending most of my working years at the ADA and selling insulin; I really just love talking about this and have such a passion for preventing long term disease and health decline. Don't think calling means you have to purchase--I really just want to get everyone thinking about our habits and what we are passing on to our kids.

Thanks so much for your time and interest! I appreciate you taking the time to look over all this info.

All the Best,


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