This is what I have to live up to..

Loulie and I are in Macon for the next couple of days. We arrived late yesterday afternoon. 
This is what I walked into...
- Hoda's biography is on my bedside table. I love Hoda. My mom knows this and therefore her new book is on my bedside table.
- The refridgerator is stocked with my favorite chicken salad from a local deli, hummus, and my favorite half caff coffee. 
- My mom then tells me that she got us tickets for the next night to go see a musical. In case you are just joining me, I LOVE a good musical; especially when it is a surprise.
- Go to bed last night and I now have some kick a@* fancy orthopedic pillow and down mattress cover that feels like I am laying on a cloud.
Ahhhhh, home!!!!
Oh and today my mother took Loulie and me shopping and got the L Bug clothes for Spring. Is this for real?! Is coming home not the best? What is it about the way your mom makes the coffee that tastes better? My clothes somehow smells better after being washed here. And I can sleep like a rock in my old bed because the second we set foot in my parent's house, Loulie magically starts sleeping through the night. I can't explain it. All I know is I have a lot to live up to--I hope Loulie feels as loved when she comes home with her kids one day. 
I'm leaving tomorrow for Atlanta. My sister in law surprised me and my other sister in law with a girls' weekend for Christmas. I am super pumped and could really get used to all this spoiling! What can I say-I've been blessed with great family.

Especially this little punkin...

Even though I know we'll be having fun in Atlanta, I'm going to miss her like crazy. I can't wait to surprise her with musical tickets and favorite snacks or whatever she's into one day.
On a side note, my parents crack me up. Example conversation:
Dad: Lauren, can I borrow your alarm clock? Your mother (pronounced Muuuuuthaaaa) threw mine away.
Me: Why did she throw it away?
Dad: She thought it was broken.
Mom: It was, the arms were broken off and laying at the bottom of it.
Dad: It still went off every morning at 5.

Who can argue with that?

Hope everyone has a great weekend full of your favorite things!!!

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