Right Now I am..

Listening to: Amos Lee "Windows are Rolled Down" and "Gypsy Woman" by Curtis Mayfield It is starting to feel like summer here which makes me want to listen to oldies and remember summers at Sullivan's and my mother playing oldies on the beach.
Reading: Radical by David Platt and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and Grace Notes by Phillip Yancey
Parenting: translating all the Korean Loulie speaks throughout the day and keeping her off anything over three feet high.
Working on: my kitchen--I have spent every night painting cabinets and washing floorboards. It is my personal Hell. Oh, and I've been helping Bert with some work too which has been exciting and a little challenging in trying to manage some work again and loving on my Bug.
Thankful for: the way the Lord is working on me--digging in on the ugly and the blind spots in my life yet giving me peace that Easter overcame all of it!
Making: a skirt for me, pants for Loulie and an Easter dress for a friend's child (pics to follow)
Wanting: I don't want to want this and it is way out of my price range BUT I just really can't help but luv this top.
Wishing: that my fairy godmother would show up and clean this house. That chick has been on vacation for way toooo long. Who the hell does she think she is?!
Hoping: that all of you reading this have a great weekend!

I have been super busy but hope to be back on the blogging circuit soon!

And......just in case you have missed the BUG.....

Ready for swim  lessons

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  1. So many of your posts really make me miss Charleston! I am living vicariously through your blog!