Where were you...

when OJ was driving down the highway in the white Ford explorer?
13 yrs old, resting on the sofa after a long day of swimming, waiting for my dad to get back to Augusta after his first week of work in Macon.
when Princess Diana died?
at Lake Sinclair with my friend AnnaLee, sitting on the pullout sofa with about 10 friends
when the twin towers fell?
last minute studying for a math test in my apartment in Athens. The Today show stopped and one hour later all of Athens was shut down.
when we went to war with Iraq?
senior year spring break--my dad wouldn't let me go in case we started war and he was called to duty. I was at my parent's house in Macon.
when the US caught Saddam?
in my apartment in Atlanta, getting ready to leave for work. It was December.
when the first black president was inaugurated?
home from work with terrible morning sickness

when the US announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden?
on the elliptical, watching tv when the news came on. All I could think is "what now, Obama?"
Nothing could have prepared me for the news. Turns out the U.S. can still have some good days. After ten years, justice has been served. Thanks and praise to all the servicemen and women who have been battling this man for almost a decade!!!

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