Out on the water

About three years ago Bert built me a piroque as an easy way for me to get out on the water. It's made from plywood, although you would never know looking at it, so it is super light and was supposed to be easy  for me to cart around. Not two seconds after he finished it, did we discover that there is no way my 5'2 frame can throw that sucker on top of a car much less carry it to the boat ramp. Long story short, I still need the Husk to help me get it in the water.
Because it was a mega hot summer and Bert works 24/7 from April to September, he has not been able to fulfill his longstanding promise to help me take Loulie out on her first tour. So as soon as the suffocating humidity disappeared and the days of rain stopped, we headed over to the JI park for Loulie's first launch.

It was a success. The whole time we pointed out turtles and egrets and talked about how she looked just like Pocahontas. I really wish I'd taken my sister's waterproof camera to capture some of the scenery. This is my favorite way of being out on the water because you so feel a part of your surroundings and a lot of the wildlife is completely undisturbed since you aren't making a sound. We toured all around the park and waterways off the Stono River.
We were doing just fine until we circled back to the area in front of dog beach and found what looked to be a furry manatee. After a slight freak out and some flailing around we switched out and the manatee-esque creature got her own tour. 

If anything has ever convinced me that Bridget needs to be on a diet it was this boat ride. Every time she took a deep breath, I thought the boat was going to flip.
Speaking of getting out on the water, has anyone seen this boat in the harbor. It is the fourth largest sailboat in the world and docked in Charleston for a few days. My nephews were here this weekend and approximately 65% of the conversation was dedicated to this boat. It is completely amazing but at $400,000 a week, I think I'll stick to the piroque.

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