A True Fall--finally

  Since it is still 80 degrees here and the only leaves on the ground are the ones we never cleaned out of the gutter from last winter, Bert and I decided Loulie needed to experience an actual fall--mountains, pretty leaves, football and cool weather. So what better place than to go visit Lovey and GDaddyBoy. 
It was such a short trip--less than 48 hrs but we packed in a lot.  It is so gorgeous there this time of year and I tried to get a lot of pictures but as usual my card filled up too quickly. Someone please remind to get a new one with a gazillion GBs worth of memory.
It was a great weekend that went by way too fast. As usual my mother and dad filled it with all sorts of special treats and activities that they knew we would all love. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 


 Black bear sighting. No lie! We had read all these articles on how bears were coming out towards the trails more this year and ways to keep them from attacking. Halfway up the trail, we spotted two--Bert tore off with Loulie up the trail and my dad stopped to get a picture. Now who would you be in that scenario? Bert always says, you don't have to outrun the bear, just whoever you're with but I wasn't taking any chances.
 Picnic by the river


 My parents received a little slack from some friends when they announced where they were moving (the whole Deliverance, foothills, orange team banter) so as a joke they said when friends and family come to visit; they are going to pull out the moonshine and Vols gear along with some lovely redneck wine glasses for a good laugh. Worked on us--I got a big kick out of the moonshine!
Now I finally feel like fall is here and we came back to a much cooled off Charleston. I actually had to pull out my sweaters last night--YEAH!!!!

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