Has anyone else seen this?

I have a weakness for artsy independent films that no one else sees. Last weekend I rented Like Crazy and watched while Bert worked late Saturday night. I felt the same way I did when Blue Valentine ended. But Sunday came and I couldn't shake the feeling of this movie. Days later I am still thinking about it. I think I have decided I like it. Without giving too much away, it is not a warm and fuzzy. In fact, it leaves you a little raw. The story builds around a couple trying to make it work long distance which may be why it affected me so much. Because watching this couple try to navigate being in different cities felt all too familiar. In 52 weeks, Bert and I missed two weekends. But two days a week doesn't make up for all you miss out on during the week. Before marriage, we had never woken up on a Sunday where one of us didn't have to pack up and leave. Crazy! Now when I think about the circumstances around our courtship--that we had never lived in the same city, that he had hardly ever seen me on just a regular day (no makeup, sweat clothes, grouchy from a long work day, etc), that we hardly knew each other's friends or coworkers; all I can think is crazy! I watched an interview with the actors where the question was broached why do people think they can make long distance work? that it will work out for them when it always seems to fail?
Who knows? Why did we try it? Why did we think we could make long distance work when I couldn't make it work with a guy that lived down the street? I talked about all of this the other day with a friend who is struggling in a long distance relationship. I guess what I am trying to say is despite the challenges, YES! sometimes it does work. 
Has anyone else seen this movie? What did you think?

P.S. This song is in the movie and I just love it! Someone needs to choreograph a ballet to it.

P.S. I love hearing couples' stories--how people met, the challenges it took to get where they are. To me it is not the perfect romances but the real life, slightly worn love that is so inspiring. The rise and falls, the changing of lover and beloved and the knowledge that God has his hand in all of it. It really is one of my favorite things to find out about someone. 

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