Loulie Bug Dasher, Fashion Icon

Ever since LB approached the two and a half mark, she has exerted her independence with an even greater intensity than first exhibited in her earlier years. Never is this independence more apparent than in the first hour of her day when choosing her attire. Occasionally she allows me to pick out a few options for the day since her main concentration is in the details. Yes, this young lady is all about the accessories! And as you will see below, she does not allow weather or season to confine her rich choice of color or fabric. In fact, like many young influential females today, she chooses to ignore all rules and set her own standards for looking good. 
Casual approach to Superbowl Sunday--pj pants backwards, favorite tee, comfy shoes--ready to cheer on the "Georgiaball game" 
Christmas in April--apparently Dashers can wear reindeer (and corduroy) year round

Bringing back the Du-Rag

This was the pantless stage from early March. Really allows one to show off those hard earned thigh rolls.

Mixing tones-coral, hot pick and light pink. The combination of booty shorts with fur boots upset her daddy but Loulie made it work.

Wise choice of accessories

Those four inch heels will get you everytime

Never underestimate the importance of good lingerie. Choose the wrong bra and everything looks out of proportion.

Loulie Bug, I hope you never lose your unique sense of style and confidence. I love finding you in my closet every morning!

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