This picture cracks me up. The short story is girlfriend wouldn't take a nap. She bounced around for an hour then just fell over mid sentence and continued to sleep like that with her legs hanging off the sofa mid air. She basically looks the way I've felt all week--zonked!
It's been busy. We held a successful sales meeting last night that took a good bit of prepping on my behalf--lots of phone calls and emails which can be tricky now that it is summer and Loulie is no longer in school three days a week. This morning I had a court hearing where I basically had to confront two parents for lying about the whereabouts of their child. Combine that with looking down at dinner to see 18 missed calls on my phone from the baby sitter and you could say my blood pressure has been slightly elevated this week. Thankfully, there were no visits to the ER, just getting locked out and a visit to the neighbors. Never again will I turn my phone to silent and note to all parents, show the sitter where the spare key is!
All that being said, we are leaving for Knoxville tomorrow!!! Isn't vacation so much sweeter after a hectic week? We haven't visited my parents since January and Loulie has grown an entire inch since my dad last saw her so this trip is long overdue. When I say we, I mean Loulie and me. Bert and Bridget are staying home. Prayers for Bert as he enters the busiest work week of his entire year. With 100 degree days predicted for next week, he should be extra busy. (Shameless plug--go buy lowcountry ice!)
I'm ultra excited about our trip and so is the Bug. My mother has so much planned and I am just looking forward to being in new surroundings. This summer has been awesome but it can be nice to change the scenery every now and then. SO we are taking off tomorrow morning after buying a new set of tires--is there anything less gratifying purchase? I think not.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4rth of July! 

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