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Christian Grey. I have not read these books but I am going to go ahead and state that this type of writing is not what gets me going. In fact, I am pretty sure that reading this book would be a huge turn OFF for me. I use my spatula to make pancakes and I am fine with that. My hair is too short to braid and the thought of getting tied up makes me want to have a panic attack. And yet everywhere I go, women are scouring the pages of this book.
Same with Magic Mike. While I appreciate Matthew McConnaughy in all his deliciousness, I am not part of the droves running out to see Channing Tatum's sweaty abs. In fact, any attraction I may have to Channing Tatum has more to do with his incredible dance talent than anything else. And if placed in a crowded bar, I would probably not take two glances in their direction. (Is there something wrong with me?) Because always and forever I have been attracted to the funny nerd. Anyone else with me on this?  I remember having a conversation in high school with a friend about how we never had crushes on the "obvious" guys at our school; that we were always attracted to the less noticed, funny, smart guy in the background.
So since it's already hot outside, since Channing Tatum is getting way too much attention this summer and for all of you who would rather read Pride and Prejudice than 50 Shades, here are some of my favorite nerdy funny men--I would rather watch you guys strum a guitar or tell a story any day over getting whipped with a spatula.
I was once told by someone that I was the only person they had ever heard call Steve Carrell sexy. Come on, tell me you don't think this guy's handsome!

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I don't think this picture needs words.

What the what? Yes, Andrew Garfield. If you don't think he is the cutest, you need to go see Spiderman, now!

ewan mcgregor in angels and demons

Does it help that he has a foreign accent and can sing incredibly well--yes, it does.

This guy can rattle off the first twenty numbers of pi in no time, calculates how long it would take to drive to the moon and back at 60 mph in his head and at one point had memorized  an entire deck of Trivial Pursuit; making him the biggest nerd I know. But no one makes me laugh harder and for that reason, he is my number one funny nerd who basically sets the standard for my quirky taste. We have a running joke when he gets a sciency on me where I call him a Georgia Tech nerd and he slings back, "But who was nerdy enough to marry the GA Tech nerd?" Not quite the insult is it?

Others that should be included on the list are any scrappy, music playing Brit. Give me a music playing Brit or a slightly chubby funny guy any day.  I know more should be added to the list--who did I leave off? 

Also, speaking of Christian Grey. I thought this was hilarious....

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