Bucket List Check--Today Show

I have never considered myself a starstruck person. I mean, they put on their pants on the same way we do, don't they? I would much rather meet an inspiring blogger or cancer survivor or faithful leader than some random star. But all that went out the window when my sister found out the Today Show would be in Charleston. 1)--I love Hoda! I read her book last year and think she is a class act. You would never know it because she seems so humble but she has done some pretty amazing interviews in some pretty dangerous places. She loves her family, worked really hard to get where she is, and has survived some rough stuff. So I would put her in the category of people I find inspiring. 2)--I have always joked that a bullet point on my bucket list is to be interviewed by Ann Curry on the Today Show. That is obviously out of the question for a number of reasons now, reality being the first. So getting up at 6:00am and heading to the Cistern was my closest chance of ever checking this off my bucket list. 
Loulie wanted to come since we are pretty sure Hoda's name was the inspiration for her imaginary friend, Hada. So we trekked downtown, waited in line with our poster and finally got in!!!
The energy was extremely fun--everyone was excited! The best part though--we actually met Hoda.  For just a second, she walked right by us and told Loulie "oh, I just love her." We were all like "We love you Hoda!" And got all giddy and ridiculous and star struck. She is as kind in person as she seems on TV which made me like her all the more.

 We posted this picture on Instagram of Loulie doing a fist pump after Hoda said hello and the Today Show "liked" it.

So there was my moment of being completely ridiculous but it was worth it and will make for a good story down the road. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are heading to Windy Gap in the NC mountains for Young Life camp. This will be our second year and we have been looking forward to it since we pulled away last May!

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