Last Day of School

Well, I made it through. I may have cried when children I hardly knew accepted their diplomas for 4K graduation while Bert laughed at me but I made it through. Of course, there were about a million "last moments"--end of the year party, awards, end of the year performance--so that at least you are almost over it all by the time everything is wrapped up. Loulie got the "Best Imagination" award which doesn't surprise me. Anyone who claims to have African orphans living in her playroom, has three imaginary friends attend school with her and announced to all the teachers on Monday that she was going to have a baby completely deserves "Most Imaginative." It was lovely having to explain to everyone on Monday that "no, I was not pregnant," just my delusional child planning on giving birth at the end of the summer.
After a stellar performance in the church chapel, Bert treated his girls to lunch and then Loulie and I headed to the library to stock up on summer reading (one of my favorite parts of summer--sitting in a rocking chair reading book after book with my Bug).
We had a nice distraction that evening. The weather was perfect so we headed to the Harvest Dinner put on by the GreenHeart Project at one of Charleston's Montessori schools downtown. If you are local and not familiar with the Green Heart Project, then follow them on Instagram or check out their website. They are doing amazing things with students in the schools. I partly went to dinner to support the community but I also wanted to check out what they had been doing as we are hoping they will be involved with Loulie's new school next year. It was a truly impressive operation. All the food for the meal was grown by the elementary children and cooked by the Burke High School culinary club. It was seriously the best meal I have had in a while. Loulie didn't dig the vegetables but she was mesmerized by the students playing violin and giving speeches. Her favorite of the night--an indoor bee colony used to pollinate their garden. Students explained the care and use of the bees and then Loulie got to listen to them. It took the away the sting of school ending because it made me so excited for all the cool things Loulie will get to experience next year.
And tomorrow, kick off to Memorial Day weekend and summer! Wahoo!!!!

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