Over the Hill

We had the pleasure of being a part of the most creative 40th birthday celebrations I have ever heard of last Sunday night. My friend, Amy, is so incredibly talented and really went outside of the box this time. Not only was it a surprise, but I think this was such a meaningful celebration for our friend, Rick. I had to share because it was just too clever not to. 
Rick was turning 40--"over the hill." And being Charleston, there is only one hill--the bridge. So the two of them went on a boat ride to downtown where a rickshaw was waiting to take them to the bridge. Rick just thought they were taking a walk but quickly realized something was up when Amy handed him a note reminding him of his goal to do the bridge run under 40 minutes by age 40. So he just thought it was nostalgic that they were walking the bridge together after meeting that goal earlier this year. Things got a little more nostalgic as he reached the middle and began seeing all his friends at different points dressed up as significant moments in his life with masks of his face. Our pregnant friend, Lauren, was dressed in 70s attire representative of his mother on the way to the hospital. Another friend wore a wedding dress and you get the idea. Bert and I were 2007 when his first child was born. We had Layna hide behind us and jump out as he was approaching. It was emotional for everyone to just get to be a part of such a kind friend's momentous celebration "over the hill." But I cannot imagine how amazing it must have been for him to literally see his life pass before him. Afterwards we all shared beer and pizza at a local dive. I really can't imagine how we looked to people driving by on the bridge.
We also realized how little as adults we know about each other's growing up/college years. Sometimes at dinner parties we'll just pick a topic (college/how we met our spouse, etc.) because it is so fun to learn about each others' pasts--the people we were before being moms and dads and coworkers and neighbors. I  love all these friends and celebrating these milestones.
Speaking of milestones, HB celebrated 42 on Monday! Not a 'big' year but isn't every year big?! Each year he always remarks how grateful he is to have a family and girls that are happy when he comes home and a job and a home and his faith and how much God has truly blessed him. I'm grateful to have such a positive and thankful husband. And I really hope we get to celebrate another 42+ years of Bert! We love you!

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