One Part Rest/ One Part Fun: A Week One Recap

This week has been the perfect combination of rest and entertainment. It is exactly what I wanted the last week of the year/ the second week of Christmas break to be. Although, I am still not ready for school to start back on Monday, I do always like getting back on a schedule. The irony of school is that the first few years of Loulie's life I just really wanted a few hours a week to get things accomplished. Now that she is in school (albeit only until 11:10), I really would love her being home with me almost all the time. She is so independent and fun and easy now.
We spent a lot of time this week sleeping in and staying in pajamas until the 4th hour of Today ended. We did experiments and crafts, made art and put together Lego sets for hours. We read our Christmas books for the last time before boxing them back up for next year. It was sweet and relaxing and fun. Now my home is a disaster with a Christmas tree still up, I haven't cooked a healthy dinner one night and I have only been to the gym once but you can slack on all these things when you know your child is only home one week and in a few days it's back to 6:30 wake up calls.

Bert and I went out New Year's Eve for the first time in 5 or 6 years. We kind of joked ahead of time that we may not really know what to do at a party without children anymore. It was a surprise party for a friend and ended up feeling a lot like a new year's eve in high school huddled around fire pits listening to a DJ. Bert even came home and heated up a frozen meal and then proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa fully clothed while watching Juno, just like a 19 year old. My sweet sister kept Loulie under the premise that if she went into labor, I would be there in 15 minutes. She texted me this picture of Loulie at 7:15 with the caption "Rocking New Years."

Unfortunately, this year we were not able to throw our annual Post Plunge New Year's Party. The beach house was rented and the whole day ended up being very anticlimactic. The weather was less than desirable, I forgot our costumes and when we arrived at the Plunge, I realized my camera battery was dead. I really hope that isn't an indication of the year ahead. We persevered through though. We still went despite botched plans and some friends threw a "Plan B" dinner where I made sure to stuff myself with collards. Loulie had a ball and we all decided if there was ever a year to play it low key that it was this one.

I started watching Girls this week. I usually have a few good books and a good show for those dreary January days and long nights. I picked Season One up from the library  and have to say that this show is the biggest disappointment so far. I find it so depressing and pretty gross yet somehow mildly entertaining.  Somehow by the end of episode 10, I was rooting for Hannah. And I know art, especially TV, is an exaggeration of reality but it kind of panics me that this is what life is like for 24 yr olds. Just gross! I miss the days of Carrie Bradshaw.
And in possibly the sweetest recollection of the week, Loulie has set up a sleeping bag and tent in her room outfitting it with about 5 Lego sets and a stack of books. She insists that Bridget sleeps with her and I can hear them through the monitor until late each night. Last night it was singing and tonight she read Bridget about 10 books before finally crashing. It's gotten to where Bridget waits in the tent during Loulie's bath and sometimes during the day.

All in all, it's been a good start to a new year. Back to the grind soon enough and I'll be paying the piper this weekend for all the sweets I've devoured over the holidays. And in usual fashion, I'm listing out things to look forward to after such a fun holiday. But I think a new nephew arriving this week is enough for now.

Happy New Year!

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