Motivational Monday

My Loulie Bug is 11 months old today--I can't believe it. She is becoming a more independent, sweet little girl every day. While wanting to celebrate this time and enjoy this last month of babyhood, it also brings some ultimatums for mom here. I now have one month to get my house in order and (dum da dum) lose those last 3 pounds of baby weight that just keep hanging on. It is said that if a woman does not lose her baby weight by the time the child is a year, then it is there forever. Yikes--pressure is on.
A lot of people think of January 1 as a new start but I also like to the start of a new school year (Sept 1st) as a step off point. Fall is my favorite season, so I would love to begin it lighter, more organized and ready to take on the care of a t-t-t-t-toddler. (I can hardly say it. Oh, my baby is growing too fast.)
I 've asked Bert to help keep me accountable on the house. We are going to have a major purge, possibly a garage sale and some fierce closet organization to get our house sale ready and finally be able to host friends. We never have anyone over and would like to start. Anyhow, enough on that--I have to go get the guest room clean--it is on my agenda for today.
I'll post LB's 11 month (and 10, oops) pictures later today.

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