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I absolutely love historical fiction novels. I just love how they take you to a completely different time and place, yet you feel like the story actually happened because of the events around it. I just finished on of my new favorites...

The story revolves around a girl struggling to support her family through the one thing she loves--dance. You know it got me hooked there. I just love the insight the author gives to the times, the way of life for these dancers and the story behind what might have shaped Degas's vision for his pastels. I have been to the MET several times and each visit spent a significant amount of time standing in front of these works of art, one of my favorites being the bronze statue of the dancer. This book just brought them to life. I loved falling into a background story of romance, struggle, heartbreak and my favorite--love of art.
Anyone that knows me knows that when I read something, I almost fall into the pages for the duration of the book and a few days after. Which explains why I am utterly obsessed with Paris right now, would get on a plane if I could and keep having my thoughts with a Parisian accent. (Does anyone else do that?--Think in the accent of the book they are reading at the time. Made life really interesting when I was reading The Help and answered Bert "Yessa Mista Dasher" a time or two.) Anyhow, this new obsession with Paris brings me to my next new find...
This is the new patisserie downtown located next door to Rue de Jean (our favorite restaurant). It is beautiful and quaint and smells divine. Loulie and I went in there on Saturday and you are just blown over by the scent of fresh baked pastries and brioche and croissants. We did not taste anything but just took in the smell, which was enough. A tiny woman with a lovely French accent runs it--she embodies everything French. She is tiny and quirky and describes her creations with such gusto you feel like you were in the kitchen making it with her.
Bottom line, I want to go to Paris and until I can, I will be stopping by to see mademoiselle after each trip to the children's museum.

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