Loulie on the Move

On August 16th, Loulie took her official first steps. She's taken one or two here and there but Monday was the day. We were at the Children's Museum with her friends Wesley and Thomas and I guess she couldn't take being left behind any longer. She stood up in the middle of the floor and without any prompting took a good six steps. Since then, she has practiced whenever she could and my life has gotten a lot more hectic. ( Not like I am getting more accomplished, just sitting down even less than I was:))
Yesterday I turned around to find her on top of the end table--that's right, the one by the sofa. It happened like this, I turned around, she went from the floor to the sofa to the end table. It doesn't help that she thinks my "angry voice" is hilarious. It is like a whole new world has opened up for Miss Loulie and it has been fun watching her figure her way around.

I've I had to get a little creative in capturing shots of Miss Mischief or she heads straight for the lens and falls, leaving me with no photo of Loulie actually walking. This is how I got her earlier today.

And she's off...
One more time
"Like this, Mom?"
"You going to join me or just stay behind that camera all day?"

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