New Year's Resolution Gone wrong

I would love to be showing you lush pictures of green plants and rows of sweet summer squash along with ripe cucumbers and fresh cilantro. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Well, I got your stomachs growling and mouths watering for nothing. Why?

Because this person decided that instead of moving on to Knoxville like the other senior citizens, she would test out retirement in the lowcountry. She's been here a month and in addition to clearing out the den every night with her eye watering fluffs, burping in my face last night at dinner and shedding an extra dog into the bedroom corner; she has also eaten every last leaf out of my garden.
So what was two weeks ago a fulfillment of a new year's resolution, is now a dream of what it would have been like to save money on fresh veggies this summer and the satisfaction of hard work paid off. 
All I have to say, is thank God she is cute! Otherwise, I might have accidentally left the back gate open this morning. 
At least now while having coffee on my back porch in the morning, I can look out at a giant plat of stinky mud. So glad I cleared the area right next to my back door so that all my friends that come by can see the fruit of my efforts. 
Damn Dogs!!! 
On my way to the farmer's market,


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