A nice surprise

In addition to a lovely Friday night spent out at Wild Dunes with one of the cutest families I know celebrating one of Bert's friend's birthdays, we had little surprise on Saturday.
Bert treated his girls to a Saturday morning at the downtown farmer's market since it was one of his first Saturdays not called into work in a while. And when I say treat, he really went over the top. Anytime I suggested that maybe Loulie didn't need an icee the size of her head or maybe one less pony ride, he stopped me with "Lauren, I never get to do this. Just let me delight in being with my girls."
Okay, twist my arm. Who can argue against that?!
While we were down there, my brother in law called and within a few hours he, Aimee and my nephew, William were in Charleston treating us to dinner for a belated birthday celebration for Bert. It could not have been a nicer surprise to see these three and get to have dinner at Bert's favorite, Basil.
I'm not sure if you have had experience with many teenage boys, but in mine, not many are willing to hold their baby cousins hand while walking the streets of downtown Charleston. 
 William has a heart of gold and Loulie took full advantage. If she stole one hug, she stole ten. I'm pretty sure she will be looking up to William for life and I hope he will always be willing to humor her.

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