Last Monday morning; I woke up, rolled over and looked at the clock--date and time. Then, I turned to Bert and said, "Good morning Husky Bear! Happy last week in your thirties. In a few days, we won't be in the same decade again for another 9 and a half years." Then just to add a little comfort to the situation, I assured him that no matter what, I would stand by him through anything this new decade might bring including Depends, a walker, and loss of hearing. He thanked me for my words of encouragement and then said he was going to hang himself from the shower curtain rod!

In all seriousness, Bert had a great birthday. He admitted that 40 actually felt better than 30--that having a family, a job he loves, good friends and his faith have made moving into the next decade more exciting than scary. I decided at the beginning of May that I couldn't let his 40th slide by without some kind of celebration, so Loulie and I moved out to Sullivan's last week to get ready for his party on Friday night. I CANNOT believe I didn't take any pictures, but it was a great time. A lot of friends and family were able to come celebrate. I did all the food and my aunt helped with the flowers. We had a local guy who plays at the farmers market sing--he was perfect for the occasion and I highly recommend him. My in laws relieved the baby sitter allowing us to stay out at the beach which was a gift in itself. For the first time in almost two years, we were able to stay up late and not worry about waking with a baby or having to be responsible. We closed the party down at 1:00 only to stay up talking to Bert's sister until 3:30. It has taken me at least two days to recover from the loss of sleep. I am no longer able to pounce out of bed after a weekend of fun--guess I deserve it after all my teasing of Bert getting old. 

I'm a little sad Bert's actual birthday has come and gone--it is fun doting over the person you love. In our house, you get to celebrate a week so we still have 5 more days of fun (mixed in with work). I'm so thankful that Bert asked me to marry him almost five years ago. After all the teasing, I reminded him that he keeps getting better with age. I loved Bert when we first met but had no idea when we married that he was going to be such an amazing husband and father. God truly designed the two of us to balance each others' strengths and weaknesses and I am so thankful for that. Bert works so hard for our family, is completely selfless when it comes to his girls and always has encouraging words for me when I am doubting my role as a wife and mother. He does a lot of things well but I am most proud of him for how he treats others and manages his business. We have our own business so in the past we have had some times that have gotten a little tight. There may have been some opportunities that would have allowed us more money but would have meant possibly hurting someone else's interest. Bert has always taken the high road, done the right thing, trusted the Lord and waited patiently rather than acting out of greed or impulse. I also love that when our friends talk about what they would take on a deserted island, he is always mentioned--he can fix or build anything! And as the cherry on top, Bert always puts his family before anything making Loulie and me feel pretty good. It took me a while to find someone so special and it was great to celebrate his 40 years on this earth. I love him so much and wish him many more happy (and healthy) decades (with me of course) ahead!




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