Knoxville Bucket List

 Loulie's preschool goes by the Charleston County school district schedule. So when I last minute noticed that she had Friday and Monday off school for winter break, we decided to head to Knoxville to see my parents. 
Loulie' class has been talking a lot about the season of winter and everything that comes with it. (unless you live in Charleston where it stays 68 or above) So she somehow got it in her head that there was snow on the mountains in Knoxville. So for the three days before we left, she kept going on and on about how she was going to see her snowman and ride a horse on the mountains in Knoxville,TN. Where she came up with this I have no idea, but she was sticking to it!
So it was too perfect when 20 minutes after pulling into my parents driveway, it started snowing! Now to two people who have barely had reason to wear a coat this winter, the snow was pretty exciting. My dad immediately disappeared and a few minutes later Loulie's snowman was sitting outside the kitchen window and stayed there for two more days.
She even fit in her horse ride and climbed the "mountain" (my parents' driveway) a few hundred times. So all in all it was well worth the rainy six hour drive to enjoy some real winter weather, movies and books by the fire, fun time with my parents and lots of loving on this sweet girl...

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