Week One Inspired


             "Ends and beginnings-there are no such things. Only middles."      -Robert Frost

The other day Jillian Michaels posted on facebook "they say the first 12 days of your new year determine how the rest of your year will play out." This got me all kinds of worked up. Because I wouldn't say anything life altering has happened, certainly nothing compared to the first two weeks of 2011. But I haven't exercised as much as I wanted, Christmas storage boxes are still stacked in my dining room and Bert had a pretty stressful week leaving us feeling unsettled and stagnant. So Jillian's comment got me a little nervous. I was hashing all this out with my mom today--discussing how the date of January 1st is a time to inspire and begin anew but it doesn't necessarily mean that baggage from the past doesn't just disappear. That if all the unfortunate happenings of this week occurred on random days in say April, we would think nothing of it. It's just the fresh, clean calendar pages have us jumpy and constantly testing the waters of this new year. So Frost's words couldn't be more perfect for me during this first week of 2012. We're in the middle, therefore each day is an opportunity to begin anew--fresh and inspired.

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