Bringing back the 80s

Bert has been talking about growing himself a Magnum PI stache for TWO years (as a joke). I honestly thought it would never happen. But then came Duck Dynasty. And next thing I know, my husband looks like a woolly mountain man. And I could not kiss him without thinking of Kenny Rogers and Islands in the Stream would immediately play in my head. This went on for two months. His unruly facial hair was all he could talk about. 

So one would think when he finally decided to trim up, I would be excited about it...Not so much.

He planned this for the Polar Bear Plunge Party--a progression of identities. From a mulleted hillbilly to Magnum PI, Bert would disappear throughout the day. During the hillbilly portion of the day, my sister was kind enough to remind me that I had a child with this guy. 

By evening New Year's Day, he was back to his handsome self. And I can finally see that cute dimple again. 

So long Santa/ Kenny Rogers/ Willy Nelson/ Greg Allman! Husky, you sure do keep it entertaining!

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