That time where the four walls of the house felt like a cage

If you asked me on December 23rd what I wanted more than anything, I would have told you a day with nothing on the calendar, spent on the sofa, resting. Having recovered from pneumonia over Thanksgiving, I should have taken better care of myself over the Christmas holidays but no, no, not me. I stayed up late sewing, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, hosting, exercising, parenting and celebrating. And on the night of our anniversary, Bert and I looked at each other and made a promise to celebrate some time in January, vowed that we still loved each other and went to bed hours later. (No one realizes at age 26 that getting married two days before Christmas will one day mean propping your eyelids open with toothpicks and plowing away at a holiday to do list instead of clinking champagne glasses together over dinner). What can I say--we were tired, overwhelmed and coming down sick.
     Now after 11 days (gasp--I didn't even realize it was that many until I just counted) of doing nothing but lying around inside the four walls of this house, I can honestly say I think my wish was granted. Not in the "Oh honey, I'll take the kid so you can rest sort of way" but in what has become our standard January illness week. In looking back over the last four years, I have always been sick the first week or so of January. This year, little Loulie Bug followed suit with double pneumonia and an ear infection. She added to the good times by refusing to take her medicine over the weekend resulting in lots of phone calls to medical savvy friends, mucho bribery, a facebook plea for advice and moments where I felt surely DSS would storm in the front door and ask why we were holding our child down to the table and shoving various types of syringes down her throat. To top off my stress, anxiety and pounding headache; the entire physician staff at Loulie's office was gone until this week and my doctor left town for 16 days!!! So urgent care on a Friday night it was. Do you remember the ER scene in Adventures in  Babysitting? (check out minute 5:11)
     But what is January if not a time for solace and quiet and rest? For reading good books, sleeping late and watching waaay to much TV. There were moments where I threw my pity party and moments where I was so thankful that we are usually very healthy and that this is not a norm for us. My heart truly goes out to families that spend more time at hospitals and ERs than they should, that have to watch their babies get poked and prodded all the time and spend hours waiting on physician offices to call them back. It's not fair and it made me thankful that we've made it this long without Loulie having sick visits (or throwing up). I also have mad sympathy for people with allergy/sinus/breathing problems. I've always had allergies but had no idea what people with real sinus issues were going through. Yowza! And lastly, I can't believe how kind people are--friends and parents of Loulie's classmates and family called and texted to check in on her. It was such a lesson to reach out to people instead of assuming you'd be a nuisance. It was really encouraging on long, cold, rainy days inside to get a sweet message from a friend. I will never pause again when thinking I should reach out to someone no matter how small the issue.  
So now that everyone is better we are looking forward to resuming life in the outside world (although everyone else we know is sick too), getting on those resolutions, getting back to church (we've missed so much being sick and online just isn't the same), getting back to school, and hopefully having a little date for restaurant week.

9:00 at urgent care Don't we look uber healthy?

Health, Wellness and Positive Outlook wishes to all!

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