Exploded Eardrum

After Loulie's quite vocal performance at the back of the church this morning, it is decided that she will be a regular in the church nursery--no discussion around the decision any longer. While it made her parents very proud that she has such a love of Jesus that she needed to dance and sing throughout the service, her behavior could have been perceived by some to be distracting.
Ironically, Steve preached on spiritual gifts. One of Loulie's became very apparent this morning--hospitality. She stood in the entryway for 10 minutes this morning waving and greeting all who entered the narthex. I think we will probably getting a recruitment call from the ushers and hospitality team later this week--they are always looking for energetic volunteers.
Ms. Alice, Ms. Destiny and all our friends--we'll see you in Sunday school next week. And Mama looks forward to actually hearing the sermon, that is if her ear drum heals in enough time!

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