Back in Reality....

Like I promised (a week ago), here are pictures from the house we stayed in at Sea Island. It kind of amazes me that you can go to every beach along the southeastern coast and they all have a different style, feel and look to them. Even in Charleston, Folly beach is completely different from Sullivan's Island. What I love about the homes on Sea Island is how beautiful and lush the yards are even on the coast. Instead of seeing row after row of palm trees, it's twisted oaks and thick green yards. Most of the homes, even the massive ones, still have a charming, cozy feel to them.

Most people would not call a room this big cozy but the Hunt's house had so many beautiful details that added such a personal touch and connection to the area that it felt like a home instead of a vacation house. I could have moved in, I still may.
Like these...I love history and things from the past. I thought it was a fun idea to have old Sea Island postcards laying around and framed on the walls along with pictures of the Cloister from decades ago.

I could live in this kitchen! It was big and bright and easy to cook in--everything my own kitchen is not. Again, loving the details--chicken wire covering, boat hardware for cabinetry locks, and two of every appliance. Made me get inspired to cook for about two seconds. Then I remembered I was on vacation and went back to drinking wine and taking pictures...

Bert is slightly obsessed with antique tools so I took these pictures knowing he would like them and be able to explain to me what it all was.
The whole house had a very beachy, nautical theme...
I was obsessed with this bedroom that had shelves cut into the walls--what beautiful lines!!!
And I loved the old driftwood used around the house for mantels, benches, artwork...
Can i go back NOW????

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It is beautiful in Charleston. Loulie and I are doing the Komen race tomorrow on Daniel Island with my aunt, sister and cousins. If you're a local, I hope we see you there!!!

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