Early Halloween Costume and other fashion queries

We survived our first accident today. It had already been a tough afternoon for Loulie (no nap) when the accident occurred. She flipped out of Bert's hands landing on the floor head first, breaking out into shrieking cries. Thankfully, she is okay except for a tennis ball sized goose egg on her forehead that got more purple as the day went on. A profile shot of my sweet munchky now looks like an alien from Star Wars. Now when people ask her "what's wrong with you--did your parents drop you on your head as a baby?" She can say Yes.
The only good thing that came out of this unfortunate early halloween costume is Bert's guilt. ;) I did my best to make him feel better and let him know that it was not his fault but he still insisted that I go run a few errands while he spent some time with Loulie. Anyone that knows me knows that I would never argue Bert so I obeyed his commands and headed over to Towne Center for a bit of early Fall shopping. I never shop for myself anymore. Even if I did, there is a small midget with a short attention span that follows me everywhere. So I did my best to enjoy this spontaneous outing and decided to try on a few things which brings me to my two points...

1) I will be working out everyday this week. Hold me to it people!!! If you need me, Loulie and I will be marching back and forth across the Ravenel.

2) What the heck has happened to fashion?!? I know I have been living in a dark hole of workout clothes and beach cover ups but seriously why are adults wearing rompers??? There is only one Dasher girl that can rock a romper and she's 28 inches tall. The other article that I tried on in every style and size and still could not convince myself to buy is the skinny jean--why are they still around? Who brought back the skinny jean 5 years ago--a man, that's who! I don't care how stylish they are or that they fit so easily in my boot, they make me look like a giant ice cream cone. I can just see my sister reading this now and thinking "I'm getting her designer skinny jeans for Christmas. Someone should help her." I don't need help--what I need is an understanding from everyone that I will be sporting my trusty boot cut Hudsons again this winter. However, I will continue to be jealous of the girls that can pull off the jeggings, the skinny, the romper and the ankle boot.
The flip side is that Bert was thrilled when I came home empty handed. He may even force me out the door again next weekend.

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  1. Lauren- I am TOTALLY with you on the fashion issues. I hold my head up proudly by not wearing jeggings and the like. When people look back in even, oh, three years, they will feel like we do looking back at the clothing our parents wore in the 80's. I proudly cling to my bootcut jeans, classic khakis and simple sweater sets