This picture is worth a thousand words....

...because I am speechless!

This will be a short post since I am still in awe of my own idiocy. After Loulie's nap this afternoon, we went outside to finish up a little project I have been doing involving spray paint and some lawn furniture. I thought it would take about 15 minutes. Here is what went down in a matter of minutes, in chronological order:
Began spraying chairs (accidentally removed fan stop allowing paint to drip in way to large amounts all over my hand, the furniture and the ground)
Loulie heads over to her play ground in new shirt her Weesie just purchased (seriously, first wearing).
In the two seconds I am turned away, Loulie sits in her Cozy Coupe that is full of water and then rolls in the dirt and wood chips covering her white pants. Oh and let's not forget the bird sized mosquitos hovering over her head.
By this time, my hands are covered in paint. I encourage Loulie inside. Get out what I think is paint thinner and instead cover my arms in stinky grease remover. While I'm covered in goo, Loulie mosies over to the dryer and begins removing all the clean clothes (keep in mind she is covered in mud).
I CALL FOR BEEERRRRTTTTT!!!! But before he can finish his email and get downstairs, Loulie has completely unrolled an entire new roll of paper towels (which are not shown in the above picture but are right below the cut off in a big pile on the floor) and starts to make confetti out of them.
The picture above is what Bert walked in on. Needless to say, it was the biggest Charlie Foxtrot (aka Cluster) I have experienced in a long time. I think Loulie rigged that faulty spray paint can to paralyze her mother so she could have her way with the house. Little did she know, her Daddy was home and once again came to the rescue. Whew--life with a one year old--never boring!!!!

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