Exercising our civil rights and weekend rundown

Loulie, against all odds (or just a yucky day), voted in her first election! She woke up late from her nap (6:00) so we had to race over to cast our vote in time. Have you ever noticed that it is always overcast or raining on election day? At least in the past three I have voted in. Anyhow, we did our civic duty and it looks like things in SC are moving in our favor.

I cannot believe it is already November--where has the fall gone? It has hardly seemed like fall with the 85 degree heat up until this weekend but the cool weather came in just enough time to have the perfect Halloween celebration! We did all the things any other family would call usual Halloween festivities except for that it was our first year of enjoying these things through Loulie's eyes. Fall festival, pumpkin carving, GA/FLA cheering, trick or treating--she did it all! And with a lot of enthusiasm. From the moment the firefighter put that first piece of candy in her bag at the Halloween festival, she was hooked. By Sunday evening, she had learned that even if mama won't let you have candy, you can bite through the wrapper and suck the sugar out. It took an hour after we got home to get her to take her costume off and let go of her trick or treat bag.
We began our festivities on Friday at Hampton Park. And oh did I fall in love. I think I have found our new running spot. It is gorgeous down there. Loulie rode her first horse, trunk or treated and yelled at the ducks in the pond.

We ended on Sunday at a house off the beaten path in Riverland Terrace. I was so glad our friend Eric had done some scouting out beforehand because this was a spot that should not be missed. The pictures don't do it justice, but the owners had set up a creepy cafe. They were not just giving away candy but had dinner, snacks and beverages set up for guests as well as a campfire. They must of spent two days decorating and preparing. It was the cutest set up and I loved the idea of serving total strangers on what is known as a "wicked and frightening" holiday. It kind of caught my heart at their generosity and obvious love of fun.

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