Late Twenties

I am always thinking back to where I was during this season or this day when (fill in the blank.) I just like looking back and remembering good times or tough times and seeing how it has changed me or where it brought me. Today is one of those days. Not only does today kick off the last week I will spend in my twenties (and man did I love my twenties) but five years ago today, I met Bert. I was one week from turning 25, living in Atlanta and dating someone else. I loved my job, I loved where I lived, I loved my life in Atlanta but obviously I loved Bert more. One year and three weeks later, I was married and living in Charleston-whew!!! Kind of crazy when you put it that way.
The five year mark finally makes me feel legit. For years it has seemed crazy that we were married and then having Loulie when we had friends that had been together a lot longer than us not even married yet. But five years sounds pretty solid and we have packed a good bit of living into those years.
Just fun to think that 5 years ago, I was driving back to Atlanta in my company car after meeting Bert. Getting ready for work the next day. Talking to my roommate about how I really couldn't see a future with the guy I was dating and that I didn't really know what to do about it. Today I rode home with Bridget and Loulie in the back seat watching Disney movies and making lists of all the things that I need to accomplish this week while still putting at least two days aside to have my nervous breakdown over turning 30 :)
Things can change in a blink. Thanks for sharing in the nostalgia with me. Pic from one of our first dates....

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  1. awwwwww.... this is great. So thankful y'all are here in Charleston with your sweet family. All is most definitely as it should be for you, I am confident of that! And P.S. you are pretty much 100% a hot mom so try not to downplay that so much :)