She's Baaack!!!!

First off--my apologies for the last post. It was lame. What can I say--it was late, I was tired and I just stopped writing. Our weekend was way better than my 3 sentence summary.Moving on...My baby is back!!!! I was so happy to have this sweet, love muffin back in my arms Saturday night. I left Loulie in Macon with her Lovey on Wednesday so that I could come home and get some major cleaning accomplished. For the past two years, our family has suffered from TMSS (too much stuff syndrome) and I have been wanting to have a major purge for months now. I have been very convicted over the past couple of months on evaluating the "value" of something. My thoughts finally came to this--an object is only as valuable as how often you use it and none of it is going to heaven with us. Who cares if it is a costly vase, it's a vase and if I don't like it now, then I never will. With this thought in mind, I finally held a garage sale Saturday morning and I am feeling so free.
You would not believe the things people will buy. My friend Katie told me to include anything and everything, so I did. The one item that I thought would never sell went first--two used leopard candles. Just goes to show everyone has a different idea of value. We definitely had some wacky patrons but there were a few that just touched my heart. I ended up just handing over a few items but was paid with hugs and a whooping laugh from a little boy over some Legos. (It was all I could do not to barter with the parents to keep him). I now have empty closets, an organized attic and a little cash for holiday presents.
After the exhaustion of Saturday's chores, we spent Sunday enjoying having Loulie back and kicking off Thanksgiving. We are heading to Macon to spend the holiday with Bert's side of the family so we headed out to Sullivan's on Sunday to eat dinner with my parents. I have to say this is my favorite time at the beach and it has nothing to do with wearing jeans instead of a bathing suit. (maybe a little) We played in the sand and threw the ball for Bridget--basically just enjoyed the company of family. It was a great day and an incredible meal. I'll miss being with my parents, sis and brother in law but am looking forward to heading back to Georgia again on Thursday. Hopefully, I'll have some good updates and some gloating over Georgia's win over Tech on Saturday. We are a divided family in case you didn't know.

Blessings and safe travels to all this week!

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