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My little punky pie is 14 months old today! For a while now, I have still been referring to her as my baby (which she will always be) but there is no denying it anymore--she is becoming quite the big girl. ALL of her baby equipment is up and I have started letting her do more and more things on her own. She knows when I am trusting her to do something new--you can see it in her eyes. She gets a big smile and kind of sticks her belly out with pride. In the picture below, she is having her first big girl picnic--no bib, nothing fastening her down, and all food she can feed herself. Look at how proud she is (or maybe that's me)!
There is no big doctor's appointment at 14 months but Loulie has learned a new thing or two:
  • weighing in at 25 lbs and towering at 30 inches. I have to throw in the circumference of her belly--20 inches.
  • She can say dog and Bridget. Rarely we get a mama or dada
  • When you ask "Where is Loulie?" she points to her shoulder.
  • When you ask "Where is Loulie's belly?" she lifts her shirt and pats it.
  • Her favorite thing is her baby dolls who go everywhere with us. She rocks and pats them and takes them in and out of their high chair.
  • My favorite thing is her eagerness to hug and when you seem tired, she pats your back.
  • Oh, and we read about 5,000 times a day--I am not complaining, trust me--I love that she likes reading. But Eric Carle (Spot author) could use a little work on plot development.
I can't believe how times is flying, that the holidays are coming up and just a year ago I was preparing to go back to work. I have to say, life isn't any less hectic than it was in 2009 just a different kind of chaos. I actually started calling preschools today to start Loulie next fall or possibly for a day a week this winter. I had no idea the cut throat operation that is mothers morning out. If you have a two month old--CALL NOW! I know it is in the Lord's hands and that Loulie will end up exactly where she needs to be but geez--I feel like I am applying for college again. One school actually told me I would need to come in with Loulie and meet with the executive director. For what?--is he going to ask Loulie where she plans to be in 5 years? Come on. Anyhow, something will work out. If not, I'll just homeschool--at least until Loulie turns 4 and surpasses my intelligence level;).

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