He Has Risen Indeed!

Apologies for being completely lame on the blogging front lately. Here is the post I wrote last Monday on our Easter weekend. Prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of photos.

"Christ the Lord has Risen Today! Aaaaaalllllllleullluiaaaaa!"

I'm sorry you weren't here yesterday morning when I awoke Loulie with my rendition of the above hymn. Consider yourself lucky. My mother always points out that I am lucky that the worship team at our church drowns me out. It could just be my own superstition but I think the gentleman behind me turned off his hearing aid yesterday when they played "Oh Happy Day." I couldn't help it--you just can't sing that song quietly and apparently Loulie just couldn't help but dance.
We have been on a work hard/play hard rollercoaster for the past two weeks which is why I have been so lame on the blogging front. The weeks have been packed with lots of work and running around while we have used the weekends to enjoy all Charleston has to offer in the spring--which is incredible beauty and lots of outdoor festivals!
Last weekend, Bert's parents were here for a wedding on Friday night but stayed on to hang out with Loulie on Saturday allowing me to run a few errands and have an actual date with Bert. The whole time we were getting dressed up and leaving, we kept saying "This is so weird. This is awkward." It's sad but we have forgotten what it is like to eat somewhere that doesn't have a kids' menu. Lucky for us, dating is like riding a bike and we were sipping wine and having adult conversation with friends by 8:00!

Our lack of dates does not equal lack of fun. The best part of living here is how easy it is to entertain your family. I feel like there is a new out door activity to try everyday. I also feel like we packed just about all you can do into the past weekend.
Between egg hunts and beach trips and an incredible Easter service at Boone Hall; I couldn't help but fall a little more in love with the lowcountry. My parents were here for the weekend, their last visit before my mother makes the move to Knoxville so we spent most Saturday and Sunday after church out on Sullivan's Island. Two bike rides, a run and a couple of paddle board excursions left a little Bug tired and me getting out of bed a little slower this morning. But it was a perfect Easter weekend! And I think we all have a new hobby and some sporting goods at the top of next year's Christmas list.

One Tired Bunny

Hunting Eggs

 Hope you all had a Happy Easter celebrating our risen Lord!!!


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