Don't Blink

Thank you to the Subway sandwich artist who tonight commented, "Wow, your daughter is really busy!"
Hmmm, what gave that away?--the purple circles under my eyes that make me look like I belong in the Cullen family or the fact that Loulie has turned the chip display into a track and is doing laps around it!
Either way, my Loulie Bug turned 20 months this week and this is how we get most places...
Notice the motion? It is constant. From the moment our feet hit the floor to the moment our heads hit the pillow. I kind of crack up at what Loulie wakes up thinking about. I swing open her door every morning and every afternoon after nap and this is how she greets me...
"Bidge? Sussi? Outside! Socks and shoes--go away!"
Translated that is "Bridget and Sulli--come here. Let's put on our socks and shoes so we can go outside! Woohoo!"
Seriously, those are her priorities right now--where the dogs are at all times and spending every possible second outside. And if she isn't talking, then she is singing.
And I am still loving every minute of it and trying to soak in every last second of her as this sweet still somewhat of a baby girl! 20 months has gone by waaay to fast.

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