Now what I think of when you say Myrtle Beach

For the past year and a half I have had a go phone from Walmart--it doesn't take pictures or video and barely receives text. Let's just lay it out there--I'm not big on technology. So I was pretty ambivalent when I got home last Friday afternoon to find a 4G iphone--apparently this is a big deal. As my sister put it-"you so don't deserve this. you don't even know what it is." And I almost convinced myself the same thing when I went to set my alarm that night and couldn't even figure out the most basic operation on what was supposed to function as my line to the outside world. 
By Sunday night however, I was hooked. I CANNOT believe what this thing can do. Between playing any band I want to hear, recording my sweet baby's breakfast conversation and capturing candid shots and turning them into this...
I'm not sure how I have ever lived without this thing. Which scared me to death at first. I don't want to be dependent on another piece of technology. I am holding on fast to the dog eared library book, the dvd that you blow on to make work, etc. Because what scares me the most is how fast the world moves now, how many great ideas are created, marketed and released by the minute and how we are all scrambling to keep up. This is the type A, neurotic in me but I worry "Aren't we going to run out of ideas one day?" If such beautiful things can be created at the push of a button, where does that leave the craftsmanship of an artist that has worked their entire life to do something by hand? Will a new era of art be established by the click of a button? And if so, will future generations still be shocked and surprised by new images, better ideas, nature, simple brush strokes, plain ole photos and acrylic on canvas or will everything have to be pushing the envelope to get a reaction?
(see how strange I am--I really need to fill my time with world peace and politics or something. I mean who worries about these things?!)
And then on Tuesday we went here. And in the midst of poetry carved into 100 year old walls and 900 acres of old plantation and enormous marble statues, I felt at peace. Because looking at the works of artist from 150 years ago, so detailed and magnificent, I couldn't help but be in complete awe that the artist's work was timeless. That I'm sure I was as taken back in 2011 as people were back in 1900. It made me relax to think that even though creation and the sharing of art has come so far and is so available that even future generations will still be impressed by the works of those who blazed the trail. 
I had no idea that this spot was just and hour and a half up the road and outside Myrtle Beach of all places, but it really was quite a treat. If you ever get the chance to go to Brookgreen Gardens, it is absolutely worth the entry fee. I seriously turned every corner saying "this is my favorite. Oh no, Bert look at this one." Kid in a candy store! It was way to much to take in in one day especially with a 21 month old so we are hoping to go up again this fall for one of the harvest programs. I'm a little disappointed because I thought I had taken more pictures but I guess I got side tracked between the almost July heat, the maze of flowers and keeping Loulie off the the Do Not Touch signs. But I hope you get the idea.
One of four statues representing the four seasons and stages of life. She is "Spring."

My other "favorite," Mother and Child

Children's Garden

Bronze Statue Hall

"Pegasus"--largest statue on the land
Getting tired

As a friend told Bert the other day, "There's no denying she's yours." They look like two peas in a pod.

I seriously LOVE how the statue just blends in with the landscape. There were tons of figures lining this waterway but they just looked so much like part of the natural habitat.

We came back from Pawley's Wednesday, just long enough to get a hair cut, do some laundry, fit in a little work, repack and tomorrow we leave for our first trip to TN. Please say a little prayer--this is the longest Loulie has ever ridden in a car. My childless sister and brother in law are driving Loulie and me up--I hope we are all still speaking when we pull up to my parents's. Which reminds me, I am going to go pack some ear plugs.
(If you are in Charleston, go buy some lowcountry ice! :))

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