For those days where you just need a laugh

Bert and I went to see Bridesmaids last week.  I must admit--I love a good dirty comedy. Although we both agreed that writers are REALLY starting to push the envelope--I mean there are just somethings you don't need to see. Or as Bert put it, some things you just don't want to know about the opposite sex. For instance, he wants to keep on believing that girls don't need to use the bathroom. Some of these movies keep trying to convince him otherwise. Anyhow, as I was trying to catch my breath, the guy next to me says, "Where do they find these people?"
Where do you find these people?
For some us, it might be at an extended family gathering. As Bert always says, "If you don't have "THAT" family member, then you are "THAT" family member."
For these people, they are just "THAT" side of the family.Everything about these pictures makes me happy. They really bring me to side splitting laughter. I cannot help myself. Go here for a chuckle.

5 kids? You can't really blame them for acting this stupid.
HIs Piggly Wiggly shirt leads me to believe they are local. Nice!
Christmas Card 2011?

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