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This is one of he reasons you haven't heard from me in a while...
I finally have learned to work my iphone and my sister in law turned me on to Words with Friends. Do I ever wish I had not downloaded that app. I am giving myself a two week addiction and then I'm going to quit cold turkey. I find it somewhat irritating to sit next to my husband at night playing a game together through our phones without speaking. So after this week, we are going back to good old fashioned Rumikub!
My other excuse is that Loulie and I have been in Knoxville visiting my parents which was a little like being in the wilderness since they have no cable, internet or a kitchen sink in their new house yet. Which was fine by me--we were too busy to really even notice but it did put me a little behind with work and off the blogging map for a week.
How do I feel about my parents' new city?--I LOVE IT!
Between the overly gracious neighbors, the cooler weather, and the beautiful mountains; Loulie and I were planning our next trip before we even left. It's a longer drive but Loulie didn't cry once--too fascinated with the beautiful scenery. We just hope Bert can come next time.
It's a little bit hilarious how different going from state to state can be, especially for a little one who has never heard of or seen much out of Charleston. Loulie was completely entertained with the hills in Knoxville. Keep in mind we have only one in Charleston and it is a bridge.  Apparently she has her mother's love of hiking and spent a good part of each day just walking up and down the driveway trying to get used to balancing on a hill.
My parents' neighborhood has an all day Fourth celebration beginning with a flag raising ceremony and ending with fireworks. It really looks like something out of a movie. As we were walking down to the field for the beginning ceremony, I asked my dad what park we were in. The giant rolling field covered in lush flowers, row after row of gorgeous gardens and a picturesque barn led me to believe this was a common area for the neighborhood. "No, this is Mr. So and Sos backyard." Seriously?! 
Being newbies, we decided to overcome our fear of not knowing anyone and participated in the parade and party afterwards. Besides meeting some of the nicest people and really enjoying the surroundings; Loulie I think made a lasting impression.
Here's a little before and after for you.
A little tip: When you make your child an outfit for July 4th, try not to do it in all white. They might end up half naked, streaked in red snow cone juice getting down in front of the band. I honestly don't know where she gets this from?! ;)

Hope you all had a fun and relaxing holiday! Now it's back to work and catching up.

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