July in Photos

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Charleston summer. Usually by July I get a little contrary. Between the unbearable heat, influx of tourists and Bert's 24/7 work schedule, I always find myself counting down the days until fall begins. But this year has been different. After looking over the pictures from the past four weeks and thinking about how much fun Loulie has had with all the friends and family visiting, fun outings and finding creative ways to cool off. In addition to my change in attitude, I was talking to a lady this week visiting here from PA. Her family paid $7,000 to come to Charleston for a week! $7,000 just so they could be at the beach. And all I could think was, "Lauren, get your head straight. It is a blessing to live where people save to visit." 
Guess I'm now leaning towards a love/love!
Hope everyone is having a relaxing and happy summer, that in the midst of some yucky headlines in the news that you are enjoying family and finding thankfulness in the little things. I am!



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