A turn of events

We got all prepared to hunker down for Irene last Friday. Flash lights, bags of ice, umbrellas, movies, charged up phones and computers. Loulie was slightly perturbed--you can tell she is completely bummed that Irene was going to ruin her weekend plans. 
Turns out that once again Charleston got lucky. And though I am very grateful, I can't help but feel terrible that the north got it so bad while we dodged another bullet. 
As it turned out, Loulie got to go through with her plans to head to Knoxville for vacation with Lovey and G while Bert and I stayed here to get some work done.
She was pretty excited and I think she forgot about us the second she pulled out of the driveway

And thank God she has been gone this week--yesterday our neighbor was robbed in his home. Luckily, he thought quickly and held the robber at gunpoint until the police came. So while I was running errands in Mt. P, I get a phone call from two friends asking why my yard was covered in crime scene tape with 7 cop cars parked out front. To say that I had a mini stroke in the middle of Target and went 70 over the Ravenel is an understatement. It is a blessing that no one was hurt but this comes off of a dog attack a street over last week and Bert's car getting broken into three weeks ago. I promise we don't live in the ghetto but I have joked a few times in the past 24hrs that I feel  like Tupac and maybe I should write a song 'bout livin in da hood!
Yet while I lean to the ghetto side of defense, Bert has taken up with the SC backwoods mafia. ABC was here today doing a story on the rise in crime due to the current economic situation. I won't even tell you what he said but in addition to being able to see the house from space due to our new outdoor lights, I am now the proud owner of a machete--like I would even know what to do with it. :)

In all serious, please add our safety as well as our neighbors to your prayers--I may joke about this but it has gotten me somewhat worried. It also makes me sad for the people that are so desperate they feel that robbery is the only way for provision.

I'm leaving for Knoxville tomorrow to go get my Bug--I am so excited. hopefully, my next post will be full of all happy events instead of hurricanes and thieves.

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