I'll be honest

I could write a cute little post along with a tutorial covering all the fun indoor things Loulie and I have done to escape this wicked heat. One where she is wearing some precious outfit and we have created some kind of killer kid craft out of flour and water. Instead, I'll just post this...

Because this is the reality. This child had taken two baths before lunchtime even began today. I have decided to just leave the water in the tub because chances are there will be at least two more. Instead of carting her in the 110 heat index to the pool or children's museum or aquarium; I decided we'd stay here and I'd let her make play dough. This was the result--an entire bag of powdered sugar dumped on the floor with a Loulie bug rolling in it. The "creative" part was how she tried to eat the sugar off of herself! Let me just say, gymnastics is paying off for that girl.
So no pics of fun trips or weekend boat rides this week--I am in the trenches, where the REAL fun happens! 

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