May the odds be ever in your favor...

As of yesterday, I am officially in my early thirties. I do not believe in horoscopes or superstition, I know I have a heavenly father that has already numbered my days. However, I have noticed a pattern in those days over the years. It has become somewhat of a joke with my family and friends. I first noticed when on my 18th birthday I did not get into the college of my choosing. Talk about a sucker punch to the nose!
From then on, it has been that every odd year has brought contentment, surprises and adventure while most even years are a little more hit and miss. I would never say bad years because I have been so very blessed and we all know that times of trial draw you closer to the Lord. So I can look back and say it was ALL good! But if I were a gambler, I would up my stakes during an odd year. The year I turned 27, I jokingly told Bert that I felt like good things were coming my way. A few months in, I had a new car, my mother surprised me with my first trip to Europe and I was offered a great job. Bert told me he was ready for a year to be about him :) I ended that year with the best present ever--the expectation of Loulie Bug! Which followed me over into 28--all I remember about 28 is a lot of morning sickness, even more sleepless nights and a lot of excuses to my boss. See--point proven!
But as I roll into an odd year and an odd decade, I am not thinking about what good things may happen but that I have been an official adult for 13 years. That my 20s were about what I was going to do with my life, who I was going to spend it with, would I have a family and where would I end up living? Most of that has been decided by now--I've been blessed with good jobs, incredible friends, a husband who is my perfect match, a healthy child and I live in a beautiful place! So the question is no longer--what's next? What am I going to do? The question is how do I want to be seen? Am I  living each day fulfilling my Heavenly Father's purpose?
I was watching Easy A the other night because I may get older but will never outgrow a good teen drama. And Emma Stone and her friend were talking about mnemonics--basically if you were described what would be the first word the person said. Her friend's was big boobs--not mine. Her other friend's was that gay guy--again, not mine. So I asked Bert and he came back with something ridiculous and not worth repeating;) But it got my wheels turning.
So thats my plan for my 30s--work on my mnemonic. So that when someone asks, "Who is Lauren Dasher? Do I know her?" That person will respond with "you know Lauren, that girl who loves Jesus." or "oh if you don't know her, you should. She's a great friend--the kind that will give you the shirt off her back." or even better "Is that the kind lady with the polite children?" Friends, I am a loooong way off from a good mnemonic. I'm pretty sure right now that it's "that short girl that's hair is sometimes blond and has the kid with the weird name."
So as my friends and family, I am letting you know that is my business plan/ my check list/ my proverbial vision for the next nine years. Because they will go by too fast and I don't want to be wishing that I had spent more time helping others and with the people I love than on petty things or worry.
Hold me to it!
In other words, right now would be a great time to ask me for something--HA!

Lots of love and from the bottom of my heart thanks to everyone who has made up the last 31 years!

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