In my advertising class at the University of Georgia, we learned there are three levels of advertising (introduction, reminding, blah, blah). And though I don't remember much or even the correct terminology, I do remember the professor saying that once a product was pretty renown, a company could just use a basic ad to keep it in the public eye. And if all else failed, just use the always well received Kodak model--a chubby baby and a furry puppy with your product!
I have two you can borrow...


This is Sophie--Lovey and GDaddyBoy's new daughter--another girl, my poor dad can't get a break. We found her at the SEWE Wildlife Festival and by the time my dad walked Loulie through the animal tent, my mother had written a check! We picked her up in Summerville a week later and spent the weekend loving on her as much as we could. Though Loulie is not used to sharing the limelight with someone else, she adapted once she figured out Sophie was someone she could boss around and take care of. No, it's someone else who is jealous....

Welcome Sophie!
You hit the jackpot!
We love you!

* On a side note, I can't believe Kodak went bankrupt. Our kids will never know the saying "a Kodak moment." For some reason this is so strange to me. I was listening to a radio segment discussing the reasons for Kodak's decline. They were actually the first to make the digital cameras so popular today but didn't patent or market them. Why? Because they didn't want to compete with their (at the time) current film products. SO instead Nikon and Cannon and others sold them and now Kodak is filing Chapter 11. I thought about this a loong time--what a lesson for business owners!

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