Needing a realignment

If I had to pick a recurring theme for each week in 2012 here at the Dasher house, it would be illness. I was completely absent from the blog last week after Loulie's first sick visit to the doctor which followed in her getting worse, then myself and Bert following. I found myself so aggravated over it too. Last week was supposed to be super productive and packed with activity but instead I found myself trapped in the house; completely unorganized with a dirty house, empty refridgerator and fussy child! Ugh! I started thinking about how much we've been sick this year; becoming anxious about being self insured and the fear that I let creep up on me over that. Before I knew it; I had hung the streamers, blown up the balloons and was on my way to inviting all around me into a pity party.
And just like I try to discern daily with Loulie, I love how our heavenly Father pulls out different parenting stops on us in every little tantrum we throw. Because that is exactly what I needed--a kick in the pants, a time out, what I call an adjustment of view. It's like you're looking at your world as a 4x6 seeing only what's going on in your peripheral and God opens it to a panoramic so you can see all that is going on around you.
Because in the midst of what was becoming a mixture of anxious pity, I got a phone call from a friend who had a REALLY BAD week. She could have complained about her circumstances but only gave thanks that though her sick family was wearing on her, she was grateful that all were alive and being healed. A reminder that an acquaintance from college (30 yrs old) has been diagnosed with breast cancer. And a comment from Bert on something that had was on his heart--how grateful we should be for employment and a thriving business. 
And then my devotional this weekend held this verse:
"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."- 1Thessalonians 5

And I am ashamed that I was not more grateful for the quiet time with Loulie at home last week, for the blessing that this has been her first real illness so far and that though taken down with a bug, my family is healthy. And I am grateful that God aligned my circumstances of friends and prayers and verse to remind  me of blessings, of His will and turned me back towards thankfulness. Pity can be a slippery slope, the act itself keeping you from seeing the good right in front of you. And I am grateful that God interceded just enough to keep me from sliding down it.


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